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The Multitude is Feverish


2010 | 8mm | colour | stereo I 17 min

Someone misses a flight, on purpose or not. A story of gender identity, eternity and the world we live in.

The diary-based film reveals itself as a poetically sharp portrait of a gender-blurring person who purposely misses her connecting flight “for no particular reason”. Fluidly shifting between various perspectives, styles and time stages, the borders between subjectivity and objectivity become as obsolete as those between inner and outer world. As she is wandering through the city we dive into the multilayered facets of a personality and get hints of the contradictions, struggles and desires that can lie within a person.

DIRECTOR Vika Kirchenbauer

ASSISTANCE Martin Sulzer

SCREENPLAY Vika Kirchenbauer
Smina Bluth
EDITOR Lena Hatebur

SOUND Paula Sell

SET DESIGN Melanie Raab

MUSIC Allstair Paxton

PRODUCER Elisa Koschmieder
PRODUCTION Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam-Babelsberg


Doireann OMalley; Daniela Andria; Bobby Breidenbach; Anna Grisebach; Lena Hatebur; Karsten Antonio Mielke; Julia Sophie Mink; Bernd Raucamp; Matthias Westedt


Busan International Short Film Festival, Korea  - Jury Special Award

Brazilian Student Film Festival - Award of Poetic Expression
Early Melons Festival, Bratislava, Slowakia - Grand Prix
Red Carpet International Film Festival, Norwegen - Best Short Film
Krakow Student Film Festival, Polen - Honourable Mention


30th Busan International Short Film Festival – International Fiction Competition – Korea /  2nd Timishort Short Film Festival – Official Selection - Timisoara, Romania /  Brazilian Student Film Festival / Early Melons Festival, Bratislava, Slowakia / Red Carpet International Film Festival, Norwegen /
Krakow Student Film Festival, Polen

The Multitude is feverish
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